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Dancing the Earths Dream: The Pedagogy of Nature Connection

Facilitator: Sky Maria Buitenhuis and Guest Teachers
In this series of weekend long workshops you will be exploring different modalities of nature connection: the 8 Shields, Forest Therapy, The Way of Council, The Work That Re-Connects and other Indigenous-based practices. Ancestral skills will also be woven throughout the weekends.
It can be taken as individual weekend workshops or as a full series leading to a certificate of competency in the pedagogy of nature connection (CPDs available). It is for those who are just beginning their path of becoming a nature connection guide/facilitator, nature connection guides/facilitators wishing to expand their offerings or for those simply looking to immerse themselves in nature connection experiences.
I am very excited to be offering this new program as a culmination of the last 10 years of my nature connection guiding. The program will be delivered in collaboration with several highly skilled guest teachers from different fields of expertise.
Location: Galway, Ireland
When: June 15th-16th, July 6th-7th, August 10th-11th, Sept 21st-22nd.
Exchange: €170-€190 early bird per weekend is available up to 2 months prior to the workshop starting date, full price is €190-250 per weekend. The price for all weekends, and the certificate of competency in nature connection, is a sliding scale of €950-1250
Find out more here or email

Midsummer wilderness solo

Facilitator: Lien De Coster and Katrien Deboutte
Location: Nohedes, Catalan Pyrenees, France
A wilderness solo is a contemporary translation of the ancient ritual of the vision quest, which was held in all corners of the world. Originally it was a rite of passage from youth to adulthood. Youngsters left their community on a search for vision for this life, their gift to their people. Today we miss this kind of ritual reflection time, which brings lots of people on a path which is not theirs. A wilderness solo retreat can help you to get (more) clarity about what is essential to you. (Event photo by Miet Van Hee)
When: June 15th to June 23rd
Exchange: 750 euro (there is a 500 euro budget spot available)
Find out more here, or email:

Deepening Connections – A Nature Immersion experience for all nature connectors

Facilitators: Victoria Mew and Leona Johnson
Location:  Todmorden, West Yorkshire
How do we create a culture of connection and personal growth for the people we live and work with that can be accessible and woven into our daily lives? Whether you are a Forest School Leader, teacher, nature guide, parent or interested person we would like to invite you to our Nature Immersion weekend designed to develop your existing skills, deepen your knowledge and inspire your creativity.
The intention for this weekend is to come together as a community of like minds where we can engage playfully in skills, challenges, games, stories and song whilst supporting and deepening our relationships to the core routines of nature connection. With a specific focus on fire we will be igniting your passions. The weekend programme will be designed around natural cycles as we follow the map of the Eight Shields to intentionally create and model the optimum conditions for connection.

When: Friday 28th – Sunday 30th June
Exchange: £37.90 – £320.39  A small number of places are available for people who are interested in volunteering. 
Find out more here

Tracking and Nature Awareness

Facilitator: Dan Puplett
Location: Centre for Stewardship – Falkland, Fife
Tracking is an ancient skill that is still relevant in the modern world. It is useful in conservation, nature connection and more, and can deepen faculties such as deduction, observation and intuition. It teaches us to observe fine details as well as landscape scale patterns and is a gateway into learning more about nature and becoming more aware in our daily lives. When we start solving a tracking mystery in a footprint, we soon find ourselves discovering more about birds, trees, plants, weather, insects and more…
When: 29th-30th June 2019
Exchange: £120
Find out more here or contact Dan – 07952 679640

Forest Therapy Guide Training

: Sky Maria Buitenhuis and Guest Teachers

Location: Forest Holidays, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England.
This training provides the skills and confidence for you to become a forest therapy guide, giving you the tools needed to be a professional practitioner in an exponentially growing field of inspiring and holistic health-care that is breaking new ground in human and planetary health. You will become part of an experienced international community who are continuously expanding the frontier of this practice to reach an ever-increasing spectrum of clients and health-care professionals. It is a six-month process that starts with an 8 day in-person intensive, followed by a six month mentored practicum completed as distance learning.
When: July 19th – Jan 31st
Exchange: CAD$3750
Find out more here or email:

Art of Mentoring Camp, Scotland

Facilitators: A team of 60+ staff will be holding the 250 person village
Location: Falkland Centre for Stewardship, Fife, Scotland
The 8 Shields flagship week long camp is back this year, with the theme of 
Remembering and reclaiming our indigeneity, our innate capacity to connect to and be with the land and ancestral lineages…
There are 4 programs, a co creative Village Green and experienced staff and presenters from around Europe and beyond – it promises to be a heart opening, life changing week of magic, nature connection, mentoring and village weaving.
New this year, we have a ‘Nature Culture’ Ring 2 programme.
When: Sunday July 28th – Saturday August 3rd
Exchange: £640 – £125 for different program options
Find out more and book on here

The Heroines Journey: An Immersion into Wilderness Skills, Connection Practices and Womens Culture

Facilitator: Sky Maria Buitenhuis and Guest Teachers
Location: Galway, Ireland
This is a wild experiential journey designed to empower women’s sense of self and place in the world through the awakening within of your most alive and fulfilled self. It will support you to:
– feel a deep sense of belonging to the Earth
– create the inner spaciousness to listen to your own inner guidance
– strengthen the felt sense of your elemental body as you learn the skills of your ancestors, engaging in the alchemic process of wood to fire, plant to medicine, fibre & food, skin to hide, earth to shelter and more
– come together in circle with your sisters, to be witnessed and supported on your journey
– explore age old story and myth as a map for your journey as a woman in these times
– discover and/or deepen the embodiment of the cyclical nature of the moonphases and your own female body
When: Four Weekends: July 13th-14th, Aug 17th-18th, Sept 14th-15th & Oct 5th-6th
Exchange: €750
Find out more here, or email::

Alpine wilderness solo

Facilitator: Lien De Coster and Chiara Cerli
Location: Rueglio, Italian Alps
A wilderness solo is a contemporary translation of the ancient ritual of the vision quest, which was held in all corners of the world. Originally it was a rite of passage from youth to adulthood. Youngsters left their community on a search for vision for this life, their gift to their people. Today we miss this kind of ritual reflection time, whic(Event photo by Miet Van Hee)h brings lots of people on a path which is not theirs. A wilderness solo retreat can help you to get (more) clarity about what is essential to you. (Event photo by Miet Van Hee)
When: August 27th to September 4th
Exchange: 750 euro (there is a 500 euro budget spot available)
Find out more here, or email:

Dancing with the Land

Facilitators: Lien De Coster and Sabrina Hoffmann
Location: Drenthe, the Netherlands
How does the land move us and how do we move with the land? We explore the dance between connecting with the elements around us and the inner wilderness of truly expressing ourselves, freely using our animal body and following it where it wants to move next. How can dance be an embodied expression of nature’s diversity, life beyond the concepts and conditionings we carry? Join us for a journey of surrender.
When: October 11-13
Exchange: 275 euro (excl. sleeping)
Find out more here, or email:

Crossing the Threshold – includes a 24 hour Solo Vigil with the land & Mystery

Facilitator: Rebecca Card
Location: Dartmoor, UK
A powerful and grounded ceremony for anyone who is ready to meet themselves in the space between what is known and what is not known. To enter into a deeper conversation with themselves, the land and Mystery. This is a 4 day event that offers an opportunity to dive into a nature-based map of the psyche in order to unearth Wholeness and a more soul-led approach to life.
You will be guided through the map to explore different aspects of yourself and you will receive guidance for self generated ceremony in order to cross the threshold into your solo land ceremony.
On your return you will be invited to share your story and have it mirrored to support a deeper understanding of your experience.
When: October 10 – 14 2019
Exchange: £300. All meals and camping included
Find out more here or email:

Nature Culture Regeneration – An Introduction Weekend to the 8 Shields and the Art of Mentoring

Facilitators: Peter Cow, Rebecca Card and a full acorn
Location: Moretonhampstead, Devon, UK
An experiential weekend for adults, introducing the wisdom of the 8 Shields through nature connection and culture creation, inspired by practices observed in healthy, earth-based cultures around the world.
There are two simultaneous programs for adults and a new  program for children.
‘The Village’ is for first-time participants. Through embodying many regenerative, nature-based practices, participants will journey through the 8 Shields cycle and explore how we can re-member ‘the village’ and how we can live in Wholeness with ourselves, the communities we are part of, and the global community of all species.
‘The Return’ is for participants who have already been on ‘The Village’ or an AoM Ring 1. Returnees will experience living at the edge of the village and exploring the wild individually and in tribe. 
‘Fox cubs’ is for children accompanied by an adult on the Village program.
When: 25-27th October
Exchange:  Adults – £190-£230-£260 self assessed scale, Children £100
Find out more here or email:  Booking link

Becoming Mythic

Facilitators: Lien De Coster and Simon Hodges
Location:  Drenthe, the Netherlands
In oral nature-connected cultures, myth used to be an indispensable part of daily life serving as a way to remind us of our identity, to make meaning of our surroundings, and to pass on vital knowledge. This weekend invites you to listen deeply to myth and land so can you can harvest some of the stories it holds and connect to your personal mythology.
When: November 15-17
Exchange: 275 euro (excl sleeping)
Find out more here, or email:


Free Webinar: Change-Making Through Regenerative Community Building

Facilitators: Deborah Benham, Root Cuthbertson, Jon Young
How can we regenerate authenticity, personal connection, and relationships with nature that many say they lack in modern times? Learn how a synergistic community-building approach is integrating People Connection and Nature Connection, changing lives and inspiring us to find new contexts for relationship to the land and each other. Topics: Connection to Nature and Culture; Transformational Leadership; Peace as Foundation; Widening Perspective. Email your questions on these topics to

When: June 7th 5pm UK BST
Exchange: Free!
Find out more here, or email:

Introduction to Regenerative Community Building
A four part distance training in cultural mentoring strategies for change (New live dates)

Facilitators:  Deborah Benham & Root Cuthbertson with Jon Young
New 2019 summer dates! Exploring the foundational strategies, tools, & techniques within the cultural mentoring aspect of 8 Shields. Part 1: Connection to Nature & Culture. Why do we need to be both Nature-Connected and People-Connected? Part 2: Transformational Leadership. How does a regenerative culture nurture everyone’s creative gifts, to express their full potential? Part 3: Peace as Foundation. What are the agreements of a peaceful culture? How does this relate to the 8 Attributes of Connection? Part 4: Widening Perspective. What is 8 Shields’ role in catalyzing a historic global shift in perspective? How do we both tend the wounds of the past and envision a positive future?
Program: Four parts in six weeks, June-July 2019 or as fits your schedule
Exchange:  US$ 247 (~£190). For a 10% discount use coupon code: DEBROOT10
Find out more here


Peer Mentoring Club

Facilitators: David SmartKnight, Klaudia van Gool, Sarah Witts and Maya Mahn.
In order to build a culture of mentoring in a society with no current framework for it, it becomes necessary for some people to pioneer by stepping into the role of mentor, despite their lack of experience.
Following a natural flow model developed by the 8 Shields Institute, the club promotes a thriving village culture through a living learning online community that provides members with the opportunity to explore, practise and develop their mentoring skills in a safe, supportive and friendly atmosphere. 
“I love the opportunity to practice mentoring and being mentored, and to drink from the wisdom of other mentors and mentees! I am amazed at the honesty and clarity all of us are giving” – current club member 
When: The club meets online once a fortnight, on alternate Wednesday evenings from 6-7:30pm (UK time).
Exchange: Membership costs £15 per month.
Contact: David SmartKnight  +44 (0) 7837413202

Peter Cow – Personal and Acorn Leadership Mentoring

Have you been inspired by the Acorn and are interested in bringing it into your work or events? Peter has 5 years of experience running events and teams using the Acorn model, and can support you if you want to explore how it can invigorate, empower and bring more wholistic holding to your work and organisations. Peter is a Social Permaculture facilitator and is part of the staff for the ‘Rebuilding Nature Connected Communities’ 8 Shields Institute online training. He also ‘Norths’ many events each year using the Acorn model, as you can see in the (event listings below! including being on the core team for UK Art of Mentoring camps. He is passionate about how the Acorn can bring workplaces and events to life in a richer, more connected, more satisfying way.
Peter also offers general personal mentoring and anchoring: to anchor you around a specific project; to bring 8 Shields practices more strongly into your life; to help develop the 8 Attributes more deeply in yourself.
Location: Online or onfarm in Devon
Exchange: £30-£60/hour depending on income – non-financial exchanges are also possible. Contact me for a free 30 minute exploration session.
Find out more: 


Ecotherapy with Rebecca Card

In person or by phone/Skype, you will be held in a sacred and safe space to receive guidance for self generated ceremony as a movement towards claiming Wholeness. This work includes Transitional Rites, Earth-based Ceremonies, Deep Nature Connection, 8 Shields mentoring, Grief Tending, Way of Council & Embodiment Practices.
Find out more here or email:

Cultural Emergence Courses including free taster course

Cultural Emergence is a toolkit for creating regenerative cultures individually and collectively. Looby Macnamara and Jon Young have been working with other visionaries over the last 3 years to create this profoundly effective toolkit. Cultural Emergence brings together Jon’s work with nature connection and village building and Looby’s pioneering work with personal and social permaculture. Looby has just released a free online course to give you a taste of what Cultural Emergence is about. You can sign up here to learn more.
This summer Jon will be in the UK to co-facilitate the PEACE – Peace, Empowerment And Cultural Emergence course along with Looby, Starhawk and Maddy Harland. 22nd-28th July at the stunning Applewood Permaculture Centre in Herefordshire.
There are also other Cultural Emergence modules happening in the UK and Scandinavia this summer and autumn. ACE – Activating Cultural Emergence – Norway 9-11th August PEACE – in Sweden 20th-25th August CEED – Cultural Emergence Effective Design – with Looby and Andy Goldring 10th-15th Sept at Applewood ACE – Activating Cultural Emergence 4-6th Oct at Applewood.
Free taster course
Find out more about the courses here or email: 

Corinna Schwemer ~ Cosmic Yurt Offerings

Where your inner nature and the outer world meet, there lies a very potent and magical place. Your most creative place in the wild landscape of life. With workshops, one-to-one mentoring and wild poetry, I support you on your way to get there.
This work includes Deep Nature Connection, 8 Shields mentoring, Clowning, Wild Words with Poetry & Storytelling, Dream Work, Grief Tending, Money & Soul, Raunächte.
In person or by phone/Skype. Workshops close to Frankfurt, Germany, held in German, mentoring both in English and German possible.
Find out more here or email:

Summer sublet in East Devon Co-operative

Large bedroom + shared spaces. Individual or couple, entire time preferred. We’re looking for like-minded people to join us at a beautiful 4-acre permaculture smallholding in East Devon. Our interests are sustainable living, organic food production, land connection, strong and open communication, emotional growth, living peaceably, cooking, yoga, surfing, fishing and many more! We’re a diverse group with varying backgrounds, vocations and skills. For more info, application, and photos click the link.
When: Aug 20 – Oct 15 (some flexibility)
Exchange: £350/mo + ~£75/mo utilities + 9 hrs/mo tasks + optional eggs & veg
Find out more here

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