The Village Experience

We are sad to announce the Art of Mentoring 2022 is cancelled. Our hearts and minds are one around this and we are holding a flame within us for organizing an Art of Mentoring in 2023. We deeply treasure coming together in this way around a collective heart and are listening for the needs at this time. 

Art of mentoring is a week long immersion exploring how to create a nature connected village together, and when we do, what is it that moves within each of us….how does being a part of a healthy village support each of us to open, express our unique gifts and to thrive?


We create this village through providing a growth-full space for all the generations, from children to elders, by spending time dropping into our senses to connect with the world around us in play, curiosity and depth, and by practicing cultural community elements that have been used since time immemorial by Earth-based cultures around the world.


Examples include storytelling, singing, sharing food, sharing gratitude, nature connective time (both active and restorative), rites of passage, conscious elderhood, grief-tending, ceremony, play (child and adult!), community arts, and wild-crafting.

Time is divided between being in your program and being with the whole village as we gather with the whole camp to start the day together, eat together and to share our stories at the end of the day. We will breath in as one village, and
breath out to smaller groups and alone time to experience the richness of our individual programs and the land around us.


Aswell as the formal programs and the spaces they inhabit, their will also be a village hearth space and a Sacred Fire. Our vibrant village hearth space is a place to gather around the fire any time of day whether its for personal contemplation, sharing stories, singing, crafting or more! The Sacred Fire ceremony space will be held over several days and you are welcome to come there during the day or at any point during the night, to allow the fire to welcome your whole self home…in laughter, tenderness, tears.

Ring 1 – Village Welcome (for first-time adult participants)

Ring 1 is a nature-based program to deepen your connection to self, others and nature. Our culture repair model comprises powerful practices from healthy, nature-based cultures around the world. Lose yourself in the woods, find your playful side in games on the land, open your heart and senses more deeply, share stories, smile at the sunrise, and so much more.

Foxes (for children aged 7-12)

A facilitated nature connection program for 7-12 year olds. Foxes nurtures children’s love of nature while enabling parents to engage in the adult program. Foxes are encouraged to play and follow their passions and curiosity, with gentle guidance and lots of inspiration from our trained mentors. Only 12 places so save your space soon.