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What is the Nature Culture Programme?

We invite an exploration into what it means to co-create a new culture, specifically one that is regenerative, relational, and nature-connected. This programme is an opportunity for participatory activities, role-plays, and lively discussions. Presenters will offer experiential explorations of some of the cultural aspects of 8 Shields, aimed at creating harmonious, supportive, resilient, and regenerative social systems. These derive from a set of methods developed by the 8 Shields Institute using both contemporary and ancient social technologies.

Journeying together through the wheel of the 8 archetypes, we hope to deepen into an embodied practice of tools within the Village Builders toolkit, empowering us to build the foundations of a more harmonious and adaptive future.


1. A basic familiarity with the 8 Shields nature-based cycles and archetypes.  

2. Prior participation in Art of Mentoring ‘Village Welcome – Ring 1’. If you are very keen to do this programme, and feel you have done similar trainings that fulfil that pre-requisite, please contact us to check in about that.   

3. Self awareness, inner resources, practice for regaining balance.

Some topics we hope to explore include: 

Experience of the 8 Shields ‘flow-learning cycle’
Holding a leadership role as part of an ‘acorn’ team
Activities to emerge the 8 Attributes of Connection
Inner tracking and reflection practices to support empowerment
Peer mentoring, deep listening, and the art of questioning
Peace principles for individuals and groups
The ‘8 Handshakes’ as conduct agreements
Ceremony as an integral part of community building
Songs and storytelling
Some questions for discussion we ask:

What is the value in being both nature-connected and people-connected?
How can we nurture everyone’s creative gifts, so that more people express their full potential?
How do we lead as part of a team?
How do we support peace personally, interpersonally, and collectively?
How does grief impact us personally, interpersonally, and collectively?
How do we tend to the wounds of the past and envision a positive future?
What is cultural appropriation? how does it differ from cultural appreciation?
How do we introduce these ideas in our own regions, workplaces, or families?

For all enquiries about this programme please contact Rebecca Card:

Essential Info

  • Age: all ages and life stages 18 or older (on 28 July) welcome
  • 14 places available
  • Arrival from 3 pm Sunday 28th July  (The programme will start from 5:15pm)
  • Full price – £590 (payable in instalments)
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