Be part of the kitchen crew! This team has always been vibrant, creative and full of song. If you feel like being part of the village for the week in this way then this could be the answer.

We need 10 volunteers for the kitchen during the event. This will involve shift work so that time can be spent in the village and in the evening programme as the exchange.  It will be either one or two shifts a day and the tasks that are expected are anything from chopping veg, topping up tea urns, washing up, clearing and setting tables, serving meals and foraging. There are many more tasks and too many to list here.  At least one of the kitchen volunteers needs to drive and have a car with them.  It would be helpful to have a couple of strong bodies on board too for lifting the heavier stuff.  You will be part of a learning, connective, vibrant team and receive cultural mentoring from someone experienced in this model. Essentially, you will create your own kitchen culture that will feed into and from the village.

We also need 3 folks on board for helping in the kitchen either side of the event for the staff meals. This is a total of 2 ½ days work.  These folk will not do so much during the actual event but will be expected to be on hand if needed. They will have a reduced cost of £200 for a place on Ring 1.

All of these positions need to be filled by end of May.

Kitchen Volunteers will get:

  • £50 travel budget each
  • You will get cultural mentoring and culture support from the kitchen culture North,
  • Some time off each day, and most/all evenings
  • You will be able to go to most Ring 1 evening sessions, and join in with hearth activities during the daytime (but not the Ring 1 sessions during the day).

You commit to:

  • Having a skype or face to face meeting (depending on how close you live to Devon) with Georgina the catering manager and the kitchen culture North beforehand
  • Being present from 21st-30th July and working every day in those days, doing a mixture of work.

Get in touch if you are interested or have any questions.