Balancing learning and parenting

The Art of Mentoring focusses on training adults within a multi-generational temporary village context. It’s unlike a usual children’s summer camp or family camp in which everything orientates around the children.

While the different age-based programmes do their own activities during the day, in the evening we all eat, sit around a fire and camp together. If you’re thinking of coming as a family group, please note that all adult courses will involve full days of experiential learning.

Parenting responsibilities

If you attend with your children (including those on the Foxes programme) you will need to take care of them during meal times and night. Therefore, at least one parent or guardian may not be able to participate in evening workshop sessions. Please see each of the programme descriptions for more details.

It’s a wonderful aspect of the week watching your children thrive in their peer group, surrounded by a wider community. Yet without extra support, it can be challenging to balance family time with the need to rest between sessions.

Duty of care + helping hands

If you’re attending Art of Mentoring Camp as a parent or guardian to a ‘squirrel’ (a child aged 0-6) you have full responsibility for the child/children at all times. This includes daytimes when you are with other squirrel parents. Adults on the Nature Immersion (Ring 2) programme also have one optional overnight adventure away from camp. Many previous attendees have come with a family friend to help with parenting responsibilities.

You can find specific advice for family groups in the programme descriptions