“Art of Mentoring helps individuals realise their full potential to the benefit of their community”

Jon Young, tracker, teacher, storyteller and founder of the 8 Shields Institute

Is the Art of Mentoring Camp For You?

The Art of Mentoring is an inter-generational experience for anyone who wants a deeper connection to self, nature and others. Immerse yourself in vibrant connection to nature as part of our nurturing village. Weave this throughout your life, community and projects and feel yourself flourish.


What Will You Do on an Art of Mentoring Summer Camp?

In this week-long residential camp, you’ll gain an experiential introduction to the ‘8 Shields’ nature-based map for creating healthy cultures, building effective teams and natural learning. Adult and youth programmes will run concurrently, offering an inter-generational mentoring experience.

“I expected to learn practical exercises I could pass on, instead I got a whole map of transformation” 

Dr. Adrian Harris, Eco-Psychologist

How Does the Art of Mentoring Work?

The Art of Mentoring combines approaches from modern education, indigenous wisdom and principles observed in nature. It awakens new possibilities and provides clear and specific ways of working – principles and techniques that can be used by yourself, with your familiy and in organisations.

Guided by a team of experienced facilitators, each day includes personal and group activities. These are mostly held outside and include:

The ‘art of questioning’Wolf lope

Inner & land-based tracking

Naturalist education

Sensory awareness

Inspirational storytelling

Creative arts