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Create Community You’ll Be Proud Of: Art of Mentoring

Art of Mentoring is much more than a gathering. It’s a movement full of creativity, connection, stories and play that’s creating an inspiring new community and culture

Andy Raingold, Art of Mentoring participant (Oct. 2016) Founder & Director of


The Art of Mentoring in 2022 was cancelled, and we do not have capacity to run one in 2023. We are holding a flame within us for organizing an Art of Mentoring in the UK in 2024.
We deeply treasure coming together in this way around a collective heart and are listening for the needs and capacity at this time. 

Do you long to create, connect and belong?

Experience the creative community your heart longs for,  join people of all ages and abilities to learn creative ways of vibrant connection with nature, yourself and each other. Find freedom to share your stories and embrace your gifts, supported by capable and caring mentors. Feel the beauty when you speak your truth with courage and authenticity.

You can read more about the programmes and the village experience here


The UK Art of Mentoring Camps are based on the work of Jon Young and the 8 Shields Institute, and are supported by ‘Nature Culture Network’. Sign up to the NCN mailing list to stay informed, and see the latest updates in our Nature Culture Network newsletter.

There are also many other individual 8 Shields inspired events and courses happening throughout the year around Europe – see the NCN newsletter for full details…

Have you felt the magic of creative, connective community?