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Swedish Farm Apprenticeship with Miki Dedijer

Friends, my family and I steward a farm on the west coast of Sweden, where we’ve lived for the past 15 years, the ocean to our south, the pine clad gneiss hillocks to our north.
Since first arriving here from once perambulatory lives to place a stake in the ground, we have stayed fairly true to our commitment of tending the diversity of the land, feeding the other than human beings here, and receiving quite a few blessings too. I have found though, that like the young oak we freed in felling the spruce plantations that were sown onto arable land when farming became a poor livelihood in the 50s, I’m grown larger with the years, though unlike that oak, no longer stronger.
It is often hard work, and nature sets the pace of it, so mercifully we’ve had a few younger and more able-bodied people in recent years who have come to live with us and tended the land, growing vegetables, loving the chickens and sharing our days for the lighter months of the year.
If there is anyone among you who is interested in coming to us in the year to come, starting next spring, then please do contact me (or spread the word to someone you know who might feel called).
Contact –

Invitation to Nature connected Living in Hampshire

We are a family of five with four acres of land overlooking the Test Valley in North Hampshire trying to live in an intentional, nature-connected way.
We are looking for like-minded people with an interest in and some understanding of nature connection, 8 Shields and permaculture to help look after the land, live in a connected way and work with us to develop our vision. This could be on a short or longer term basis. We are at an early stage and anyone joining us would have the opportunity to influence our vision and plan.
We have a beautiful, newly refurbished three-bedroom bungalow and are looking for an individual, couple or family to live in this lovely space, contributing through a combination of rent and helping to look after the land.
If you are interested in getting involved or would like to know more please contact Will and Milla at


Bringing it Home

Facilitators: Peter Cow, Rebecca Card and 4 guest facilitators
Location: Dartmoor, Devon
An in-depth, yearlong journey to bring 8 Shields wisdom and practices into your family, work and communities. Are you seeking inspiration and support to land this more in your own life? Led and designed by experienced facilitators, this rich journey home will help 8 Shields practices and wisdom take deep root in you and your life, bringing connection and cultural healing to you and your people. We will share 5 inspirational weekends through the year (including an overnight solo vigil), supported by an elder, with individual mentoring and peer co-mentoring in between. 
Video of previous year      Participant testimoniais
Payment plans are available if needed.
When: April 2020 through to January 2021:
April 10-12th, June 26-28th, September 4-6th, October 16-18th, January 15-17th 2021
Exchange: £1,600 – £2,100 (self-assessed sliding scale)  
Find out more here or contact 

The Old Way

Facilitators: Emily Fawcett, Robin Bowman, Charlie Loram, Linda Lemieux, Sam Kouzarides, Jessie Watson Brown, Louis Liebenberg and the San Bushmen.
Location:  Devon and the Kalahari
The Old Way Yearcourse 2020 is still open for bookings, though spaces are filling fast. From April to December we journey through woods and moorland, along the river to the coast, guided by experienced foragers, hunters and craftspeople who have put down deep roots in this land.  We experience the rich foraging grounds of Dartmoor and the Devon coast, re-imagining wilder ways of being human, re-skilling ourselves for an indigenous life.  We’ll sleep under open skies, gather around the fire and remember how it feels to be in tribe. Having deepened our relationship with our own patch of ground, we are invited to join a group of San Bushmen in the Kalahari who are keen to share their timeless ways of living in harmony with their land.
Apply now to begin or deepen your rewilding journey with us this Spring!
When:  April 15th to 19th; May 20th to 24th; July 2nd to 6th; Sept 16th to 20th; Oct 21st to Nov 3rd; Dec 4th to 6th
Exchange:  Full cost £4500, UK only £2500. The bursary deadline has just expired, but get in touch if you’re super keen – we may be able to accommodate you.
Find out more here or email:  07518 369919 or 07956 148282

Being and Becoming Elder

Facilitators: Libby Halford supported by Phil Greenwood, with guest speakers
Location: Sacred Earth, East Sussex
There is a glaring hole in our society where the Elders used to sit. Our western culture has reduced the elderly to the place of obsolescence and our youth are lost or misdirected. If we who are moving into that time of life feel disempowered and are without the archetype of Elder, how can we support our youth?
This is an invitation to join the conversation with enriching nature connected practices over three extended weekends in May, August and November 2020. £1,250. Visit the Sacred Earth website or contact Libby at for more information. Booking through
When:  May 14th-18th, August 20th-23rd, November 19th-22nd
Exchange:  Full cost £1,250
Find out more here or email for info and to book on

Wilder Ways – Mentoring in Community for Teens

Facilitator: Paula Cowie
Location: All around Fife but mainly near Falkland, Scotland
On-going project now in its 3rd year for 12-16 year olds growing wild habits on Falkland Estate. Established camp to deepen the 8 Attributes and follow their dreams and passions. Teens lead the way, the mentors track them, just as it should be. Mentors working in the field for 6 years, skillsharers from all over Fife.
When:  Runs Sept – June every year, 1-2 days per week
Exchange:  £34 per day, paying monthly
Find out more here or facebook, or call: 07960063731


Spring Gathering – East of England

Location: Salthouse Broad, Norfolk
Join us to celebrate the Spring energies at this nature connection gathering. This is the first network event in the East of England region. We are hoping these events will be shaped by those who attend them. Bring the family, explore the site, share stories, sit round the fire and celebrate the spring.
When: 28th March
Find out more here or email Louise –

Nature Connection Weekend Camp
An Introduction to 8 Shields

Facilitators: Deborah Benham and guests
Location: Holt Hall, Norfolk
The weekend has been carefully crafted to give participants a taste of deep nature connection through immersive connection modelling practices. We will be exploring the core routines of nature connection through a variety of games and activities to enliven the senses. There will be time and space to connect with the woodland space and share stories within a nurturing community. As the days progress we will be taking a glimpse ‘behind the veil’ to begin exploring the 8 shields concept, lineage and methods of working.
This weekend is designed for anyone over the age of 18 wanting to deepen their connection to nature, themselves and community. The course will be a gentle introduction, so no prior knowledge is needed. We will be camping on site and food will be provided.
When: May 8th-10th
Exchange: £TBA
Find out more here or email Louise –

Nature Culture Regeneration
An Introduction Weekend to the 8 Shields and the Art of Mentoring

Facilitators: Peter Cow, Rebecca Card, Root Cuthbertson, Linda Lemieux and a full acorn
Location: Moretonhampstead, Devon, UK
An experiential weekend for adults, introducing the wisdom of the 8 Shields through nature connection and culture creation, inspired by practices observed in healthy, earth-based cultures around the world.
 Through embodying many regenerative, nature-based connective practices, participants will journey through the 8 Shields cycle and explore the wild world around us, and ‘the village’ of our temporary tribe. We will re-member how we can live in Wholeness with ourselves, the communities we are part of, and the global community of all species. There will be a children’s programme ‘Woodlanders’ run by Linda Lemieux alongside the adult’s programmes.
When: 15th-17th May 
Exchange:  Adults – £190-£230-£260 self assessed scale, Children – £100
Find out more here or email:

Cornish Coastal Camp
Come alive with the sea and her abundance

Facilitators: David Kerrell and Angelika Mangold
Location: Near Pendeen, West Penwith, Cornwall
Join us by the Atlantic ocean as the summer arrives. Together as a village we harvest the riches of the ocean as she nourishes and revitalises us. We will play, sing, craft, hunt, gather, cook and connect to this wonderfull landscape of entrancing rockpools, lush blue waters, rugged cliffs, wonderfull wildlife and ancient sites.
When: June 3rd-8th 
Exchange: £400 (low income spaces available)
Find out more here or Facebook, or contact: 

Midsummer wilderness solo
Facilitators: Lien De Coster and Katrien Deboutte
Location: Nohedes, Catalan Pyrenees, France
A wilderness solo is a contemporary translation of the ancient ritual of the vision quest, which was held in all corners of the world. Originally it was a rite of passage from youth to adulthood. Youngsters left their community on a search for vision for this life, their gift to their people. Today we miss this kind of ritual reflection time, which brings lots of people on a path which is not theirs. A wilderness solo retreat can help you to get (more) clarity about what is essential to you. 
When: June 20th to June 28th 
Exchange: 800 euro (there is a 500 euro budget spot available)
Find out more here, or email:

Land-based Solo Quest with Rebecca Card on Dartmoor

Facilitators: Rebecca Card and guest co-guide
Often called Vision Quest, this ancient 4 day ceremony with the land and with yourself offers opportunities to see what wants to be revealed and what is waiting for you in the rich and deep journey called Life.
Are you at a point in your life where you feel like change needs to occur but you’re not sure what that is? Do you feel that you need to receive guidance from the other-than-human realm in order to uncover your souls purpose to take back as a gift to your people? Is there something you need to let go of in order for the next step in your life to happen?
This can be an opportunity to mark a moment of transition in your life, for finding something that is hidden so that you can live more authentically, or to simply be with yourself and the other-than-human in a held, safe and potent way.
You will receive support from 2 experienced guides around self generated ceremony as well as any practical advice you need.
Please note that an application process is necessary before making a booking and payment.
When: July 21-30
Exchange: £700
Find out more here or

Swedish sitout solo
Facilitators: Lien De Coster and Miki Dedijer
Location: Orrevik, Swedish West Coast
The sitout – or utesittning – is an ancient tradition of the northerners, an ancestral call to leave family and the familiar and be dreamt by the earth. There is a time in our lives when bewilderment is called for, when we feel tugged towards something beyond the four walls and the spear-straight streets, and for reasons often unknown to ourselves, we take the dark road heading out of town, across the fields, into the wild reaches of this world. We invite you for a solo sitout of four days and nights in the woods of Orrevik, a family-run farm on the west coast of Sweden, a region the old ones knew as the borderland between Alfheim, home of the elves, and Ranrike, the realm of the sea goddess
When: July 20th-29th 
Exchange: €1,100
Find out more here, or email: or

Nature Culture – 8 Shields Introduction weekend in France

Facilitators: Peter Cow, Rebecca Card and Bernard Joseph, with a full ‘acorn’ for Nature Culture
Location: Near Agen, SW France
Join us for one or two events in France this summer – Nature Culture, a weekend introduction to the 8 Shields, and Earth Culture, a 4 day deep introduction to Permaculture. We are hosted at a new retreat centre, and we will also support the hosts to connect to the wider landscape, and design and develop the site. 
 Both courses are led in English, with French translation where needed. Proper beds are available in shared bell tents for an additional supplement.
Come and enjoy some summer connection culture in SW France!
When: Nature Culture – August 7th-9th, Earth Culture August 10th-14th
Exchange: Nature Culture €295 (€250 concessions),
Earth Culture €395 (€350 concessions)
Find out more here, or email:

Alpine wilderness solo

Facilitators: Lien De Coster and Chiara Cerli
Location: Rueglio, Italy
A wilderness solo is a contemporary translation of the ancient ritual of the vision quest during which you get the opportunity to spend time alone on the land entering a deep dialogue about what is alive in you and around you.
Our solo area lies in north-west Italy at the feet of the Alpi Graie. Our base camp is situated near the village of Rueglio at the feet of the Alps, at about an hour from Turin. There will be opportunities for a sit near the river or in the forest while the first signs of autumn show themselves.
When: August 25th -September 2nd
Exchange: 800 euro (We offer one 500 euro bursary)
Find out more here, or email:

Hearth And Soul
The Weaving of Two worlds

Facilitators: Bell Selkie and Rebecca Card
Location: Dartmoor, UK
How do we weave together the sacred and the everyday worlds, the wild and the domestic parts of ourselves? How do we claim wholeness as our single most precious offering to life?
Our relationship to earth and her community has been desecrated and our own ensoulment has been neglected.
What if resecrating the way we relate to the animate world could be the healing that earth needs right now?
This week long intensive program offers time at the village hearth and a deep dive into a nature-based map of the psyche as an invitation into the underworld, including a 24 hour solo fast.
This work is based on the work of Bill Plotkin of Animas Valley Institute as well as drawing inspiration from 8 Shields wisdom.
When: October 3rd-10th
Exchange: £620 – £850 sliding scale.  All camping included.
Find out more here or Facebook or email:


Peer Mentoring Club

Facilitators: David SmartKnight, Klaudia van Gool and Maya Mahn.
In order to build a culture of mentoring in a society with no current framework for it, it becomes necessary for some people to pioneer by stepping into the role of mentor, despite their lack of experience.
Following a natural flow model developed by the 8 Shields Institute, the club promotes a thriving village culture through a living learning online community that provides members with the opportunity to explore, practise and develop their mentoring skills in a safe, supportive and friendly atmosphere. 
“I love the opportunity to practice mentoring and being mentored, and to drink from the wisdom of other mentors and mentees! I am amazed at the honesty and clarity all of us are giving” – current club member 
When: The club meets online once a fortnight, on alternate Wednesday evenings from 6-7:30pm (UK time).
Exchange: Membership costs £15 per month.
Contact: David SmartKnight  +44 (0) 7837413202

Peter Cow – Personal and Acorn Leadership Mentoring

Have you been inspired by the Acorn and are interested in bringing it into your work or events? Peter has been running events and teams using the Acorn model since 2015, and can support you if you want to explore how it can invigorate, empower and bring more wholistic holding to your work and organisations. Peter is a Social Permaculture facilitator and is part of the staff for the ‘Rebuilding Nature Connected Communities’ 8 Shields Institute online training. He also ‘Norths’ many events each year using the Acorn model (as you can see from the event listings!) including being on the core team for UK Art of Mentoring camps. He is passionate about how the Acorn can bring workplaces and events to life in a richer, more connected, more satisfying way.
Peter also offers general personal mentoring and anchoring: to anchor you around a specific project; to bring 8 Shields practices more strongly into your life; to help develop the 8 Attributes more deeply in yourself.
Location: Online or onfarm in Devon
Exchange: £30-£60/hour depending on income, and non-financial exchanges are also possible. Contact me for a free 30 minute exploration session.
Find out more here or email:

Ecotherapy with Rebecca Card

In person or by phone/Skype, you will be held in a sacred and safe space to receive guidance for self generated ceremony as a movement towards claiming Wholeness.
This work includes Transitional Rites, Earth-based Ceremonies, Deep Nature Connection, 8 Shields mentoring, Grief Tending, Way of Council & Embodiment Practices.
Find out more here or email:

Seeking peace and happiness? SPIRITUAL COUNSELLING with Reverend Andrea C. Smith, Interfaith Minister

I offer counselling with a non-dual, integral orientation :
Mentor – Art of Questioning to guide beyond your edges
Bridge – from ego to Essence
Catalyst – for a shift in Awareness
Mirror – unfurl your defences in the safety of deep acceptance
Reminder – of The Presence that our eyes cannot see
Soul Friend – championing your essential Truth
Anchor – grounding your journey of radical homecoming
I have mothered two daughters to adulthood. Ex-Steiner Kindergarten Teacher (London Waldorf Early Years Training 2002), Member of Anthroposophical Society of GB, ex-Forest School Camps Youth Worker (BELA 2003), Survival skills/Wilderness Spirit Philosophy (Tom Brown Jnr 2004), Deep Nature Connection/8 Shields Cultural Repair (Jon Young 2004) & Earth Activist Training (Starhawk 2011). I hold a PDC (Landmatters 2011) & Permaculture Training of Teachers Certificate (Designed Visions 2012). I am a Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner (Energy & Essence 2006), Usui Reiki II (Barbara McGregor 2000) and Shamanic healing (Trackways 2003). My specialities are Elderhood & Griefwalking (Stephen Jenkinson 2016), Haudenosaunee Peacemaking (Jon Young, Paul Raphael 2009) and Anishnaabe Mino-Bimaadiziwin – The Way of a Good Life (Paul Raphael & JoAnn Gascon ongoing).
You’re very welcome!
Find out more here or contact –

Cultural Emergence courses in the UK and online

Discover a toolkit for creating cultures of personal leadership, collective intelligence and planetary care. Join experienced author, facilitator and designer, Looby Macnamara, who has co-created the Cultural Emergence toolkit with Jon Young and other visionaries. There are several in person courses at the beautiful Applewood Permaculture Centre in Herefordshire.
ACE – Activating Cultural Emergence 12-14th June 2020
CEED – Cultural Emergence Effective Design course 11-16th May 2020 with Andy Goldring
PEACE – Peace, Empowerment And Cultural Emergence course 3rd -9th August 2020 (with Chris Johnstone)
Year long Cultural Emergence Facilitator’s Training July 2020-2021
There is also a free/pay as you wish online Cultural Emergence taster course.
Find out more about the courses here or email: 

Victoria Mew – Red Squirrel Resources
Engaging videos, downloadable resources and Coyote’s Guides 
Red Squirrel Resources, launching Spring 2020 – an incredible online resource that pools our team’s collective experience into bite-sized, engaging videos and associated downloadable resources to help you to:
Deepen your own nature connection journey
Fill your ‘invisible toolbag’ brimming with games, activities and crafts that fast track connection for others
Understand why your own connection is vital to connecting others
How you can create a culture of connection with whoever you’re working (or playing) with to maximise the effects.
We have also become the UK distributor for Coyote’s Guide to Connecting to Nature – ordering through our website is the cheapest way to get a copy to your door. 
We see the problems facing the world and our underlying goal is to get as many people in the world as deeply connected as possible to help turn the tide in the global society’s consciousness around from using resources in this consumer culture to restoring the earth and living in balance.  This online offering is our way to spread our reach and help you, help the growing collective in working towards this.  
Website – or Contact: or


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