We are pleased to be hosted at the wonderful Clophill Centre in Bedfordshire. Directions can be found here https://www.clophillcentre.co.uk/contact-2/

  • Plenty of parking space
  • Electrical and water points dotted around the fields
  • Compost toilets
  • Outdoor showers with hot water
  • Tea making facilities
  • Woodlands and meadows to wander in

We’re really lucky to have Rob McKenna to be our Chef for the camp again, and he will be supported by a willing crew of volunteers. All Meals will be vegetarian with vegan options available. (Gluten Free etc will be catered for, Please let us know) We will, within the constraints of catering for 100 endeavour to support dietary requirements that we have been informed of. – Please email aomukbookings@gmail.com with Dietary Requirements in the title (If you have already told us of the requirement in your booking form then you do not need to tell us again)

If we cannot fully cater for your requirements we will try to tell you in advance so that you make other arrangements.

  • Outdoor shoes that you’re happy to get mucky and can walk for a few hours in
  • Wellington boots – optional for wet weather
  • Sandals – optional for hot weather
  • A selection of clothes for layering for different weather and to keep the midges off in the evening- e.g. long and short sleeved tops
  • Loose, soft trousers (jeans are heavy, bulky and very cold when wet so not ideal)
  • Good quality raincoat (waterproof trousers can be handy too)
  • Appropriate outdoor clothes that you’re happy to get mucky
  • Summer hat to keep the sun off or warm winter hat (for sitting outdoors in the evenings etc.)
  • Thermals, just in case!
  • Sun protection clothing/cream
  • Sun glasses – optional

Note on clothes: Cotton loses all insulating value and takes much longer to dry when wet, so bring some specialist non-cotton outdoor clothing (wool or fleece) or be prepared with plenty of changes for clothes for your children.

Camping gear:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillows
  • Sleeping mat/ thermarest
  • Blanket or two
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Sit mat/backjack etc if you want one for sitting down outside – Seating will be on logs and benches so if you’d like some back support or cushioning for your seat, please bring it.
  • Cloth crockery bag (with bowl, plate, knife, fork, spoon, mug and tea towel – all labelled with your name)
  • Any money you still owe us
  • All meals and hot drinks will be provided. Please bring any extra snacks, treats and supplies you may wish to have to make your time outdoors comfortable.
  • Small backpack – enough to hold extra clothes, water bottle etc
  • Water bottle
  • Personal medication
  • Insect repellent (eco-friendly if possible)
  • Sun protection/sunscreen – high factor
  • Tweezers/tick remover for ticks
  • Towel
  • Alcohol gel/hand sanitiser
  • Facemask for one session of the Ring One programme (we will all be going indoors for a Zoom presentation)
  • Ear plugs – optional
  • Hot water bottle – the ultimate comfy camping treat
  • Pencil or pen and pocket notebook
  • Favourite nature field guides for nature table
  • Any special or interesting objects you have found in nature (skulls, feathers, skins, stones, track casts etc.) for the nature table
  • Musical instruments
  • Song and/or story (maybe it could be from your neck of the woods)
  • Any wild/natural crafts you fancy doing around the fire in the evenings

Art of Mentoring is a week of creativity, belonging and nature connected community, therefore we encourage you to keep phone connection to a minimum preferably switching them off for the week. There is good reception if needed.

Campervans can be brought to the Art of Mentoring at The Clophill Centre but will have to camp in a separate field. There is no charge for bringing a campervan, however we must be notified in advance so that we can ensure that there is space.

Please be aware that all Foxes will need to be looked after by their parents or guardians during all meal times, evenings and night times. In the evenings, there will be activities and workshops scheduled. While many evening activities are family friendly, some will inevitably be adult focused. The children will still need to be tended to, so family groups will need to balance both the needs of the parents/guardians taking part in the adult programmes and the needs of the guardians to have some time when they are not in sole charge of the children. Therefore it is possible that at least one parent or guardian may not be able to participate when evening workshop sessions are scheduled.

Arriving early/ leaving Late

As a general rule it is not possible for anyone to arrive earlier or leave later than the times mentioned above. There is no opportunity to stay on after the close on the 3rd August -we need participants to head off on the 3rd afternoon.

So other accommodation options before or afterwards: Arrange other local accommodation (some possibilities below for information rather than recommendations)

We have created a facebook page to match up people who need to stay before or after the camp with local Art of Mentoring people who can put them up. To contact anyone who has put up a relevant offer just comment.


We will be setting up a google doc for lift shares and will keep you posted.

We will be offering 7 Ring One bursaries at £400 this year. Please contact us at aomukbookings@gmail.com using the word bursary in the title.

Please contact us on aomukbookings@gmail.com for further information if you need.