Ring 1 - Village Welcome!

"Fabulous course. Transformational. Feels like the most important stuff I've ever learned"

Come experience the Art of Mentoring for the first time.The Village Welcome is a nature-based programme to deepen your connection to self, others and nature. Our culture repair model uses powerful practices from healthy, nature-based cultures worldwide, and developed through 40 years of evolving programme delivery. It is derived from the ‘8 shields’ model of nature connection and holds a 200 year vision to restore the earth to one of natural abundance and connection.

How You’ll Grow On Ring 1


You’ll experience how a connected, regenerative culture feels and understand how to create it and weave it into your own life and community. You’ll explore mentoring techniques, peace building tools and deep nature connection practices.

You will meet new friends and inspiring people


How You Might Feel After Art of Mentoring


“Big life-changer – off the chart good”    


“Ultra professional and transformative – for real. A most skilful construction of the process. Fully in line with the content that opened my eyes. A deep bow of gratitude.”


  What’ll You Do and Who Will Guide You

In this week of summertime splendour you’ll be wrapped in a fun and transformative cultural container that brings out the best in everyone. You’ll be guided by an international team of open-hearted, creative and wild-wise facilitators.


Lose yourself in the woods, find your playful side in games on the land and open your heart and senses more deeply through:


  • Storytelling, song and music
  • Wandering on the land
  • Presentation, reflection and discussion 
  • Clan activities
  • Gathering at the Hearth
  • Sacred Fire
  • Core routines of deep nature connection

Who Created the Art of Mentoring


The Art of Mentoring was developed by Jon Young and the 8 Shields Institute. It has a ‘seven generations mission’ to support everyone through effective culture building – helping people to be mindful, happy, full of vitality, focused, empathetic, truly helpful, fully alive and compassionate and loving.


John Young was mentored as a child in deep nature connection, awareness and tracking by Tom Brown Jr, who himself was mentored by Stalking Wolf (the last Apache Scout). Jon was moved to apply the richness and depth of his mentoring experience when he noticed local natural areas in decline whilst in his teens. The predominant culture around him seemed not to care or have solutions. In response he used his own learning to track key elements of connected cultures from around the world, integrating them into youth and community programmes, and delivering them for over 40 years.

Is Ring 1 For You?

The skills and practices from ring 1 can support people of all walks of life and ages to be more connected, happier and healthier. They’re especially useful for:  

  • Parents
  • Teachers and outdoor educators
  • Coaches and mentors
  • Community creators and culture designers
  • Facilitators
  • People with a yearning for natural connection

Essential info

  • Prerequisite: none
  • Age: all ages and life stages 18 or over are welcome
  • Number of places: 50
  • Arrival: 3pm – 5pm Thursday 28th July
  • Investment price: £680 (payable in instalments)
  • All meals included